Delia School Rebuild

New K -12 Delia School Update

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The schematic design portion of the new school is finished and the detailed design phase is almost complete. This will put the design portion of the project at 60% completion. As in all new school project, expense because a main focus as there are new regulations that all projects by at a 0% overage, even though a contingency value is carried forward. As the project gets closer to 90%, certain items may be added back in if contingency dollars remain. One example of this would be a paved parking lot versus a gravel parking lot. A lot of careful thought and consideration has been adopted to try to ensure that the overall envelope of the structure is not compromised by allowing upgradeable pieces for the new school still possible in the future.

The project continues to get input from a large number of sources both educational and community through the formation of specialized committees. The Delia School Enhancement Society continues to be a critical component in developing a fantastic school through their contribution of 1.2 million dollars. Delia School has and will continue to be a school for the community and the tremendous upgrade through the DSES has really allowed the planning of the new school to increase space for both community and students.

The project is still on schedule to be prepared to tender out for a general contractor near the new calendar year with the anticipation of the first shovel in the ground to be in late April or early May. This is very exciting as the timeline estimated from first construction is 12-15 months allowing students to be in the new school of 2021. All projects present their own issues as they proceed but in general, new constructions tend to be able to stick close to their timelines. Some projects have finished earlier than expected as well, so we will have to play it by ear when it comes to the actual transfer to the new school.