Delia School Rebuild

PLRD News Release - New K -12 Delia School

Friday, March 29, 2018

(Hanna, Alberta) – Prairie Land Regional Division is excited to announce the approval from the Government of Alberta to move forward with the new construction of a K-12 school in the community of Delia. Delia’s current school was in need of structural repair to the point where the cost of repair was so high, that replacement was an obvious choice. Prairie Land Regional Division would like to thank all of those involved in advocating for a new school for Delia and to the officials within the Government of Alberta.

Furthermore, PLRD is looking forward to collaborating with its students, staff, community members, and organizational partners to work together to create a community school that meets the needs of all. The Village of Delia has a history of being one who takes pride in its’ community but also one who demonstrates this with the amount of time and energy citizens put forth when needed. The idea that the school is the community and the community is the school, is one that is shared among the trustees of PLRD and will be the essence of the decision making structure moving forward for the new construction of Delia School.

A new school is great for students and staff but it is also a monumental factor towards the long-term viability of the Village of Delia. In small rural communities, the school is vital and the trustees of PLRD will continue to advocate for the betterment of all the schools within its division. More detailed information will be released as it becomes available.

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Cam McKeage, Superintendent of Schools

Prairie Land Regional Division #25

Phone: 403.854.4481